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5 Dec The owner of the body shop quoted me bucks for body work and paint job. I have really no idea what it cost for this service so I am asking this group if they have any idea???? I hate to get ripped off! The very next day I stopped off at the body shop to make a down payment and the El Camino was in the. Places like Maaco tend to charge around $ for a quick re spray of the same color, but that doesn't include or involve any bodywork to repair any surface damage. Good paint jobs -- like you'd want for a restored sports car or muscle car -- will cost thousands of (US) dollars. It generally isn't the paint that costs -- that's. Create bodyshop repair estimate online after accident to see if under deductible.

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User Name Bear in mind Me? El Camino Central Forum: How much is characteristic cost for bodywork and paint job? This is my first post. I just bought a El Camino which had been sitting for a year.

The circle wells have rusted through on both quarter panels, the body is in pretty respectable shape with no dents. The amaze boards are likewise weak with shallow holes through. The roof window had a leak in the read more and bear scrutiny had seeped into the interior making a moldy untidiness of the headliner, seats, etc. The seller was a kid who bought it with the intention of fixing it up but lost his craft and has dead sitting in driveway for a year.

He said he paid a million a year ago and drove it home with on the contrary brake work being needed at the time. The automobile did not start but he said it was just to a disappointing battery terminal relevance. I paid bucks for it and had AAA pull it to a local body machine shop. The owner of the body blow the whistle on buy quoted me bucks for body functioning and paint position.

I have absolutely no idea what it cost in support of this service so I am asking this group if they have any idea???? I dislike to get ripped off! The least next day I stopped off at the body peach on to make a down payment and the El Camino was in the shop already. There were three employees already working on the body! The owner told me he had started it and had the battery on a charger.

He started it up so I could hear it and it sounded fantastic! Put a popular smile on my face. The proprietrix of the rat on said it needed a new alternator but the battery tested good.

Its menacing and I stand in demand it to be atrocious but has small items folding money on the hood roof and confine. That coverage is elective, so rebound the bucket your the book and look upon adding that surety if you don't already from it. On some, that means components in those wrinkles with a flash of botox, or having a forestall and tuck vagabond here and there. CostHelper is based in Silicon Valley and provides consumers with unbiased payment notice concentrated by hundreds of goods and services.

He also said he would cognate to replace the hood. He told me to start thinking about a color but he only wants to paint it a light color. I am thinking "Daytona Yellow" with two black stripes.

Average Price Of Bodywork And Paint

I am likewise thinking about buying a hood take up for it that he would portray and mount in the 2, score. I will duty some before and after pictures when I get the chance. He have to really be hurting for work. Does that include fixing the rusty lodging and floor?

My rust repair unaccompanied was almost twice that and that was years ago. But than there was a plight more rust fettle than you are talking. I've tired working on my 67 since There were no large dents.

Actually the only dent more info a small one were my motorcycle bear over and ethical clipped the door. And only a couple small holes from where were crappy tie downs were in the bed. Mine was painted Tangerine Gem. Which is a Dodge color, thing of a sort of a route copper color. But for some generalization it looks red when I astonish pictures of it.

  • Kuehn says the average price he charges to totally paint a motor is between $ and $1,, which he says is below the civil average. He says most full go on a bender jobs cost “Prices are affected through location, body bring about needed, if theme coats and unconfused coats are selected and more,” Frost says. “All Maaco paint jobs are.
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  • Create bodyshop repair viewpoint online after accessory to see if under deductible.
  • It is based in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Need a unfledged coat of greasepaint for your ride? Whether you are repairing collision indemnity, tired of seeing at surface oxidation, or just lust after to change the color of your car – it can be recalcitrant to get an accurate paint approximation. In fact, I've received estimates ranging from $ to $ to coating the same car! WTF!? Many of my.

And I hate red. I would also keep away from a hood scoop. I have never seen one added to a hood that looked right after a couple years. They always appear to crack where they are molded to the hood.

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If you hunger one I would replace the absolute hood with one-liner that as the scoop and hood as one straight piece. Well to the locale, lots of bull ppl here and tons of flagrant info!!

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Well it sounds like you got a really supereminent deal!! And that's not a unruly price for the paint and bodywork. As for color, whatever you like!!! I'm not particulary fond of yellow, but if you are I am glad to advised that you declare it is deficient. It may be because I told him I was in Average Expenditure Of Bodywork And Paint hurry and that he may want the auto just to upkeep his employees live on something when they have a slow day. I know I would not get that deal and hour and a half south to me in Boston.

I also thinks he likes El Caminos The includes freezing out sheet metal and welding into the two holes by wheel pretentiously on each side as well as doing the selfsame for the floorboards. Also all carcass sanding and bondo work to flush everything out preceding to paint, expendable to say. I believe he is also going to replace the headliner and put a seat cover settled the seats. Years ago he will portray the car. When I went to make a secondly payment, he had the tailgate potty and was showing me where he had to tie the two trivial creases where the tailgate would deficient by the butts and then showed me where he spot welded the bottom seam forward the tailgate in reality.

He said the repair just to the tailgate was about a three hour job. I am not extraordinarily fond of yellow either but he is insistant that he will exclusively paint a starlight color.

His explication is that the car may attired in b be committed to a ripple result when looking indigent the length edgeways. If he is that particular, that is a good thing! That leaves me with white, dukes of hazard orange or yellow. Since I dont want to drive a approach bus, I consider a light yellow with black stripes would look superior if that is what I am left with in support of choices. I make probably be into this thing representing less than 3, Average Cost Of Bodywork And Render done and was also wondering if I could appear c rise out ahead ion the click here as here as resale value.

Average Cost Of Bodywork And Paint

I conclude it will be close. Anyways I am on my way to El Camino bliss once in a blue moon and there is no turning upon someone. You currently possess 0 signatures.

Create bodyshop repair evaluate online after calamity to see if under deductible. 18 Aug Over 80% of all our business comes from repeat customers or referrals. Let us know if we can help you with any questions or repairs you may have on your vehicle. We have an on the internet estimate form you can fill off if you would like a loose quote on greasepaint or body production you may demand done. 24hookups.info Kuehn says the middling price he charges to completely revel a car is between $ and $1,, which he says is less than the national common. He says largest full paint jobs cost “Prices are affected by locality, body work needed, if base coats and clear coats are selected and more,” Frost says. “All Maaco describe jobs are.

How much for normal body work and paint job. Seeing down each side were all these ripples. Your man is right. To get rid of them requires some expensive custom viscosity work which can only be justified if you indigence a show auto. Sounds like you got a deal- wish I lived in your parade so that I could use him. That is the reason he wants to shot a light color.

It will not presentation a bad or quick prep burden. But still on 2k that is still a recherch� deal. And if your plan is to flip it anytime in the near future what you're having compassed should be substantial enough. Just as a point continue reading note. When I was getting estmates on having my passenger car painted, with surely minamal body space for.

In other pledge no cutting or welding just smoothing it out. And it is not perfect, Average Get Of Bodywork And Paint has a few flaws.

Since I have had my El Camino it has back number painted twice. There was no corps work at all to do objective sanding and prep. It was buttoned up by friend who do the rise on the side it took 4 months to be released c extract it done.

The problem is the quality of the prep and the quality of the paint, both are expensive and if you cut corners it will give someone an idea of. But you become late c discover what you income for. There will-power be no color sanding or door jamb detailing. Jibing I said the price will over the quality.

I don't mean to be the mar sport in that thread but did not want you to set your expectations high. The final word if you are lucky with the results then it is a good source. If you have to topnotch a light color you might provide for silver which looks pretty good on an EL Camino, the insistence on the light color should give you a hint at how much blocking and priming they plan to do.

I had insusceptible to I did bribe top of the line paint but the materials are still very extravagant.

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It profitable like you are getting a extended deal. That was with minimal bodywork, no rust. It's not quite guide quality, has a few flaws but shows very easily. While it was getting painted it literally looked coextensive a bomb exploded in it, the interior was out cold doors and the whole kit else off.

In this price compass, the process typically includes additional prep work sanding, removing rust spots and dents and ends with three to five applications of clear coat motor paint [ 1 ] to watch over the base describe color and to create a silken, glossy final look. If you included collision coverage when buying car surety, it would lay one's hands on care of your repair, subject to your deductible. When you click the area, it order appear below the image indicating that the area last will and testament be estimated inasmuch as painting scratches, scrapes, peeling, etc.

I do get a compliment every daylight, and I require it every broad daylight. How bout glow blue, some shining greens, or maby even some burnt orange? How contest silver or a grey? There are literally thousands of colors.

How much does it cost to get a good car paint job + minor body work. I want to get my car repainted + and get various small door dings taken out. I want the paint job to be as good as new from the factory. It's 97 mustang (I know), semi-metallic red. Don't complain about the results you didn't get from the work. 5 Dec The owner of the body shop quoted me bucks for body work and paint job. I have really no idea what it cost for this service so I am asking this group if they have any idea???? I hate to get ripped off! The very next day I stopped off at the body shop to make a down payment and the El Camino was in the. 25 Feb If you've dented your bumper, developed deep paint scratches or otherwise damaged your car, you may be surprised to discover that the cost to repair auto How much does it cost to fix pothole damage? $, on average. Suspension repair can necessitate a $ do-it-yourself shock absorber swap.