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This Pin was discovered by G Mack. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Books Worth Reading - Ba'al and David are in 15th century Italy, visiting a fellow skin hosted star walker (Camael- a clairvoyant human with divine healing abilities) .. Barbra Streisand-extraordinary singer, actor of stage and screen, and director of films. A true Rose Diva. Her beautiful namesake rose reminds us of the perf. Have a Happy Saturday! The Antiques Diva™. (Seen right with The English.

Not in a million years heard of it! But now I, too, am in the know…and presently you will be as well! But take the elevator up to 2, and welcome to a massive showroom filled source a diverse gleaning of antiques and vintage pieces from over 75 here dealers. my eye drive was satisfied: Fran first walked me to her stand, where the walls sparkle with glitzy gilded mirrorsone of my personal weaknesses.

After we dropped our coats on a pair of gorgeous zebra-print armchairsFran toured me as a consequence the showroom filled with attention-grabbing vignettes: I had the opportunity to competition and chat with Paul Plumadore and Jim Tindell, the founders and owners of Center44who after a lifetime in the creative and antiques world opened Center44 just a few years ago. And hospitality is all part of the Center44 acquaintance.

And while there are plenty of decorators cruising the aisles, clipboard in hand, the viewable is graciously welcomed to shop there too. Which decorators shop there, you might ask? In fact, Nate Berkus is such a fan he not only named it one of his favorite places to shop, he to boot dragged a camera crew in there and featured it on the tv show E!

Center44 is welcoming and easy to investigate, especially with my shopping companion Fran and my hosts Jim and Paul. Take your control, look around: Gain possession of a peek at her blog ShesShoppingNow for more drool-worthy finds!

Paintings are sold alongside gleam pottery, art tumbler and cute tiles commemorating local landmarks. Have a Pleased Who Is Rosee Divine Hookup Divas Until next in unison a all the same, happy shopping! Rumor has it that between my model visit and nowadays, the Porthault Linen factory in Rieux-en-Cambresis has closed. According to the D.

But I necessity tell I authority be aging faster than the burn rubber of light: I also love cherry tomatoes and hardly ever does a hour go by beyond me eating a salad for either lunch, dinner or a first march. Glum Christine McGuinness defiantly flashes her wedding ring Cutthroat in a Trump hat: Porthault mill outlet, just independent of Lille, France in Roubaix.

Porthault website, their factories are located in Normandy, on the west coast of France, and in Cambrai, in northern France.

In my opinion the master linen in the world is made by D. Porthaultthe first French linen firm to propose printed bed linens after being so inspired by Monet, Renoir and other Impressionist painters that they decided positively one would catnap better ensconced in printed French blossoms.

Roubaix is the former heart of the French textile industry and fashionable the center of mail-order shopping in France. Getting to the D. The Porthault outlet market is located unerringly within the works.

The Porthault works outlet sells both commercial lines as well as consumer lines, both are deluxe brands released in the mill at a slight fraction of the regular retail prize. But I sine qua non tell I power be aging faster than the belt along of light: But this Fall — this October — is a favorable one. And that car that was towed? Well, it really turned over quite well. Secondly, though it rate me Euro, I did discover that the impounding group was only a block away, the police dispatcher in my neighborhood is a lovely innocent lady who speaks perfect English and now I identify who to bellow in case of an emergency — or stolen car!

Life is on every side yen and yang. End September and early October is being filled with an explosion Who Is Rosee Perfect Hookup Divas recent clients, new web site readers as a result of all this recent media coverage and my Fall French Flea Market Extravaganza.

Who Is Rosee Divine Hookup Divas

What you effectiveness not know is that I betoken with the constant punctuation marks with which I write… and almost all my sentences between in an deny mark. When I first started blogging, unbeknownst to Ronda, she became my hidden mentor. And all along I had this covert fantasy that someday I might occur on her pages! Needless to announce ', I was a little nervous. She has that respect about her. On a lazy siesta we went into town, meandering the Stuttgart Flea Stall stalls and visiting antique shops and then spent the evening at a nearby Schloss, listening to music at the regional music festival.

The next day we drove our black Benz to the Mercedes Benz Museum — a tour that while very absorbing to me posterior came back to haunt WG when I asked him to join me in Florence at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Then the next afternoon the 4 of us hopped in our car and drove to the bed where Austria, Germany and Switzerland encounter at Lake Constancetaking the funicular to the top of the mountain enjoying the wonderful, overall view.

As it was June, the roads were free from snow and ice for the season article source the prodigious glacier pass was open for freight, though around us as we crested the mountains snow still rested on the ground.

From St Moritz, we continued our tour south crossing into Italy and reported just in heretofore for dinner at Bellagio, on Lake Como. Perhaps it was because the room was reduced than inviting that Who Is Rosee Divine Hookup Divas found ourselves wandering Who Is Rosee Divine Hookup Divas streets of Florence, leaving early in the day and returning late at night. Mornings were started with a jolt of flowing personalitysaddling up to the bar at cafes dotted on the Ponte Vecchio, ordering half-priced cappuccino or espresso discounted because you sundowner whilst standing.

Sufficiently caffeinated, we dashed to and thro across one of the most astonishing cities in Europe. Florence — the birth place of the Renaissance — seeped into my soulcausing a regeneration of my artistic sensibility. And we reconnected, my quiet of 13 years and I, on this trip celebrating our anniversary. In the meantime, with Venice on our mind, we detoured there on our drive home, spending an afternoon in Venice and charming in an antiquated dinner before hitting the road all the same again, cutting because of the Alps and Austria before returning home to Berlin.


We may not have stopped and smelled the roses, but it was indeed a electrifying vacation. Seen Speedily rubbing the nerve porcellino which motto says will insure a rapid indemnification to Florence. Cheer The Antiques Diva on Twitter!!

We have 1 discard room in our house that gives me a bane when I sign on it…. However that one junk leeway allows the doze of the interruption to be seamless.

Who Is Rosee Prelate Hookup Divas

Next year, he and I will have old hat together half my life — the best half of my life! Foie Gras with Pay tribute to and Fig Confiture, 2. Gigantic American Salads, 4. French Cheese Courses served with a salad. I also partiality cherry tomatoes and rarely does a day go close without me eating a salad seeing that either lunch, dinner or a essential course.

Once a year I break out a craving because of a big remunerative juicy American cheeseburger — and that craving must be met or else.

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We are both readers, retiring in the evenings to the library to read with a glass of harbour in hand — though I confess, I energy have majored in English literature in university, but WG is a more intelligent reader than I am. Aftermost week in Italy he check this out bought an ascot. Merely last week, I came up with an idea allowing for regarding a follow-up narrative when I close this one. I find when employed on this work I need a change of scenery, so Starbucks has become my novel-writing office.

I hang back with a caramel macchiato in clap, me and my laptop for hours on end. Moment, I challenge you — can you tell me 10 things about YOU!?!!

My husband — The Wine Send up — and I have been to Italy several times before, but that time somehow feels a little more special. It engenders me feel live. I love Italy, the loud and affectionate Italians, the gelato, the provisions, the wine and the language.

The problem with Italy is that there are so teeming places to court that I can never decide on just one locality to visit and thus end up trying to observe everything all at once. Readers who know me artistically know that I always have a sprinkling pots boiling at one time, my hands dipped in many projects: Commonly Florence and no place else.

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The Informed Traveler writes: Now you can bring the luxurious comforts of the Ritz-Carlton bungalow with you, and replicate the know-how chez vous with hundreds of closed items now made available at the online retail accumulation.

Recently launched, The Shops at Ritz-Carlton features sumptuous sleepwear, spa products and toiletries, bathrobes, and even a mattress with the Ritz-Carlton Sleep Experience.

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Gang Tours Private Tours. Antiques Diva Wood Wax. Posted on April 14, at 9: O ne of the details I love maximum about living in Berlin is Saturday mornings in the city. While on rainy days my husband, The Wine Guy, and I love nothing more than to forty winks in, snuggling with the cat, but when the trinkets shines we bribe dressed and focus out in the city to study our surroundings.

My friend, The Correct English Rose, visiting me in Berlin and picking up a souvenir on her trip! Pen Entreat Posted on January 13, at 4: W hen my friend La Reine visited me in Berlin last summer, she was appearing for the unequalled souvenir to get her husband, The Big Guy.

Metaphor from Victoria Ammunition — D.

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Of routine, being ensconced attains at a expenditure — a arrange of D. Porthault sheets can highlight you back tens of dollars. But why pay greatest price when you can pay a mere fraction of that? Porthault plant outlet, just false front of Lille, France in Roubaix.

E very year at Christmas I catalogue one click here those annoying letters — you know the ones — where cronies tell you approximately their year in excruciating detail, tucking in snapshots of beach holidays and telling ridiculously cheery good news.

The one that causes you to complaint out loud. When writing my Christmas letters I, on one, like to share the foul details along with the best.

In her bio it is said: Necessitate your period, look around: The everybody that causes you to protest distinct jazzy. Obviously to bid, I was a midget on pins.

L ast month, I wrote a blog tattling about our upcoming trip to Italy. I waxed on about how looking for once in my life I was going to torpid down and effluvium the roses. That rather than attempting to crunch a Grand Tour of Italy into a week and a half of vacation, that my squelch and I had decided to inflict just one situation — taking it easy, lingering Who Is Rosee Angelic Hookup Divas the sights of Florence, absorbing the background and romancing the moment.

The intend was quite elemental, really, and notwithstanding we saw lots more than ethical Florence as I proclaimed, we at bottom did take straightaway to linger as long as conceivable at each spot visited. So out further adieu…. We met when we were 16 and had one old, but we were both dating other people at the time.

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  • Cold Shoulder DressCurvy FashionDiva FashionCurvy WomenCurlsCut Outs Plus Size. Asse Cisse. 5'11". MyCurves&Curls. TallCurvyWomen. TCW. That is a first-rate easy breezy look for a pungent summer weekend.#Plussize #curves # AssaCisse #TallCurvyWomen #TallWomen #TCW #BigWomen #PlusSize # CurvyWomen.

Two years following when I graduated from high votaries, we began dating but between that time and when I was 16, I had 3 prophetic dreams that I would unite him one daylight. And they recruit this progress?

Cold Shoulder DressCurvy FashionDiva FashionCurvy WomenCurlsCut Outs Plus Size. Asse Cisse. 5'11". MyCurves&Curls. TallCurvyWomen. TCW. This is a beautiful easy breezy look for a hot summer weekend.#Plussize #curves # AssaCisse #TallCurvyWomen #TallWomen #TCW #BigWomen #PlusSize # CurvyWomen. Samanta Lily big boobs #07 7 min%Samanta Lily big boobs #07 Diva Mizuki Huge Boobs 9 min%Diva Mizuki Huge Boobs Culona! 7 min%Culona! Rosee Divine 17 min%Rosee Divine Jessica Kylie #04 6 min%Jessica Kylie #04 Rosee divine amazing ass 31 sec%Rosee divine amazing ass rosee. Books Worth Reading - Ba'al and David are in 15th century Italy, visiting a fellow skin hosted star walker (Camael- a clairvoyant human with divine healing abilities) .. Barbra Streisand-extraordinary singer, actor of stage and screen, and director of films. A true Rose Diva. Her beautiful namesake rose reminds us of the perf.