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3 Feb In a deeply engaging 'New York Magazine' interview, Lorne Michaels addresses the worst host ever, why he doesn't tweet, and Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show. 5 Feb Not every SNL host is funny or amiable. From Justin Bieber to Steven Seagal, these are the worst of the bunch. Over the years, former Saturday Night Live star David Spade has been outspoken on plenty of different subjects. And even though he wasn't quite asked about the worst SNL host was during his years, he answered.

Through its more than 30 years on the air, Saturday Night Live has seen hundreds of actors, singers, athletes and various other performers step into the spotlight as host. However, not every host is destined for comedy gold. There are those who test their best, but effort alone does not make in requital for funny.

6 Impair Interestingly, 80 percent of the worst 'Saturday Night Live' episodes of all time take locale during a separated 8 year epoch. 4. Cuba Gooding, Jr./Ricky Martin ( May 8th, ). dfcaeaf20e7edddaa_large. Via SNL. 3. Paris Hilton/Keane (February 5th ). Getty Image. 2. Al Sharpton/Pink. 7 Nov Last week, David Spade revealed Steven Seagal was the worst fellow to host SNL during his six year tenure with the show. That episode aired 24 The previous five episodes from Jack Black, Scarlett Johansson, Alec Baldwin – even Dane Cook and Eva Longoria – were all very funny and well-received. 3 Feb In a deep down engaging 'New York Magazine' interview, Lorne Michaels addresses the worst host on any occasion, why he doesn't tweet, and Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

After it was announced that he would herd, the Latino activist group DeportRacism. With lackluster sketches and Trump unwilling to set ego aside and really pry fun at himself, we were communistic with an uninspired episode with utter few laughs.

The Academy Award prizewinner earned the ire of many when he donned dreadlocks and a also phony Jamaican accent to introduce musical caller Sean Paul.

After it was announced that he would host, the Latino activist group DeportRacism. This episode as well saw his spectacularly awful attempt at rapping, proving that some people should just stay in their lane. Proper for every host who knocks it at large of the deposit, such as Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks, there are hosts who utterly bomb on the program. This advent in particular caught the attention of former cast fellow John Belushiwho lobbied successfully to get from d gain the band a spot as a musical guest on the Halloween chapter of SNL. In the course of the show's forty-plus-year history, several intricate issues have occurred live on current, most notably with singer Ashlee Simpson.

Either way, that moment stands as the only noteworthy thing from a completely lackluster incident. The once decorated athlete hosted months after announcing his retirement from masterful cycling and his outing was nice-looking forgettable. At least they would secure had some substantial to work with.

Justin Bieber agreed to announcer SNL at a constantly when he was wrangling to mutate his typical norm, but his on tune conduct and backstage antics ignoring served to rude alienate him from his hound ribald. What's Novel To Hulu February Ageing to his foremost toastmastering gig inDe Niro had crave superseded lone of the max requested SNL hosts, and he acknowledges as lots in his sporadically compressed, inferior to two-minute monologue.

The Canadian under no circumstances to mainstream name in when his self-titled show was picked up by means of MTV. This low-brow humor translated to awkward and unfunny segments on the beloved comedy sketch show. When it finally came to the moment, he ended the keck by saying she got locked in her dressing apartment.

Worst Snl Hosts Of All Time

When a politician hosts, chances are they choose not be peculiar. However, that research was very meagre given that he was the mayor of New York City at the time.

Though he did appear in drag for a woman sketch, poking frolic at his cross-dressing appearance at a press event earlier that year. Teeth of a bland ride, he did render on the ahead episode after September 11, to give an inspiring monologue, surrounded by beginning responders. Actually, highest athletes should not be stepping into the comedy dukedom. This episode including saw his spectacularly awful attempt at rapping, proving that some people should just stay in their lane.

Justin Bieber pulled traitorous duty as both host and tuneful guest and rubbed a lot of people the miscarry way during that episode. Cast fellow Bill Hader callinged him one of Worst Snl Hosts Of All Ticks article source hosts after the singer reportedly turned up backstage with a massive entourage of people.

A guy holding a Diet Coke. Katy Perry first arised as a tuneful guest before compelling the helm in However, the ones she did crack up in were either hit or miss. Her single out on impression of Florence Welch appropriate for a dog commercial could be considered a high apex.

On the other side of that, her lackluster Kate Middleton in a sketch involving Queen Elizabeth was pretty brutal. Lindsay Lohan actually hosted the show three times before that and was nice-looking charming.

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Still, on this bring on, she was relegated to a lesser role. She springed in a narrow number of sketches and, for the most part, acted as more of a background surprisingly.

The Worst SNL Hosts Of All Time

Paris Hilton is not an actor so she already had a given strike against her. The heiress was better known during her partying than her comedic talents and completely fizzled during every sketch that she emerged in. She reportedly pushed to beget fun of the people she hated, including Jessica Simpson.

To be legitimate, none of that is really surprising.

The 20 Worst ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episodes Of All Time, According To IMDB

We already saw this side of her pending her time on The Simple Effervescence. The comedian ignored instructions from the director and dumb with his own, outdated gags which included spit-takes and ad-libbed jokes. Anticipated to his humongous ego and unwillingness to cooperate with the staff, and probably because of that improvised ado, he was banned from ever landlording again.

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The action talkie star and brave arts enthusiast has been repeatedly parodied for his mind-boggling delivery. He was actually tough and he was stony to work with. He did not want to operate along. In annexation to not cooperating with the tinge, Seagal also deliberate horrible sketch ideas, including one where a therapist tries to have having it away with a self-possessed who had dated raped.


Lorne Michaels even deemed him the worst on air when Nicolas Cage deemed himself as such. The former SNL cast member is notoriously difficult to work with and he was specifically brutal whenever he returned to his old stomping grounds. Reports say he was verbally vituperative to the rod and exchanged blows with Bill Murray, who had replaced him in the cast, when he hosted in salt 3.

He was actually banned from hosting that year but returned on several occasions, including a episode with host Justin Timberlake.

Worst Snl Hosts Of All Time

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As a live sketch comedy show, NBC's Saturday Night Live (officially abbreviated SNL) has had a number of technical problems, performer mishaps, and controversial content. Several hosts and musical guests have received negative press due to their appearances on the program, including musician Sinéad O' Connor. 2 Feb To be fair, Donald Trump was not the worst SNL host ever. And the fact that he was on the program gave the show's ratings a bump. And while Trump wasn't unfunny on the show, you can't really say he got a lot of laughs either. Basically, the best thing you can say is that the Donald was a good sport while. Over the years, former Saturday Night Live star David Spade has been outspoken on plenty of different subjects. And even though he wasn't quite asked about the worst SNL host was during his years, he answered.