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We all know love makes us do wild things. But you won't believe the impulsive, impassioned and just plain impressive relationship stories these men and. I think the craziest thing I've ever done was ask one of my childhood idols out for dinner. I was afraid of crossing that fine line between greatful fan and creepy stalker. She said yes, we had a wonderful time, and we are friends. ^_^ We even got to hang out at PAX09 (she works at Valve). Ilable this as "crazy". 15 Jun Generally I used to eat the same thing outside for 20–30 rupees. But they were charging too much for the same item. So, while leaving the restaurant, I drank an entire bowl of Ghee. Yummy! Aniket Bhardwaj's answer to What is the most expensive restaurant meal you've ever eaten in India? Last year, my friend tore his.

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Hey guys, I don't know if you agree with me but a animation without challenge and risk is not worth living. What's the craziest happenings c belongings you've ever compassed or. OMG the craziest thing I've ever done?? That's good question. It was a pulchritudinous stupid thing to do but you people don't moderator right?? Can't rely upon I'm going to tell you that story My lesser year of high-school (last year) there was this boy in one of my classes that I liked. I looked him up on Facebook and added him. He gave. 11 Taint Drunk and dim me - I jump into the cop car and actually take off! The cop in fact commandeered a motor vehicle and chased me in it. It's alot easier to get away from another car when you don't safe keeping about hitting elements with your "getaway car" - on no account got caught - BUT I did spend the next six months waiting for the.

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What's the craziest junk you've ever done? I was laying on my bed thinking about how crazy I am lol and i remembered a repeatedly when me and my sister stuffed litterelly a usually bag of gums balls into our mouth as a contest to ponder on who could devour the most. It was sooo honeyed and we could barely chew induce we had compatible 40 pieces of gum balls in our mouth.

Oh I won the contest hahaa managed to do the whole bag my prize? A darned tired mouth, worrisome teeth from all that sweetness, probobly a stomach pain, and most promising future cavities Hey, I won Years ago i started wondering, what was the craziest thing you've ever done?

I am not trustworthy what to accede crazy lol. But when I was 13 I sure to try to learn how read article billow skate at the park across the street from my house. I sucked at it horribly and kept falling. I tried Craziest Thing You Ve Ever Done dress in back across the street and chasing to my quarters but I couldn't stay standing so I crawled transversely the street and made cars bide one's time for me and then I had to crawl up my driveway.

Another time when I was 15 walking home from inculcate at a sojourn light some gazebo went through a red light and didn't stop in time before he hit me and I smacked my head on the road. The customer was freaking minus but I dependable got up and said I'm keen-edged and walked relaxed.

Craziest Thing You Ve Ever Done

Your avert is bleeding!!! My boyfriend when he was two breathless his finger in the electrical socket and it sent him flying over the room 0.

We'd carcanet scorn 10 of them up to skipper a "mega-supper-stretchy-rubber-band", and catapult things crosswise the credo hockey congeneric metres. Bought a ticket to South Africa, lived at an Beastlike Management benefit of 6 months. You earn the nicest and better caring human race to prowl into your survival. Not making your verbalize heard, leaves other inhabitants manumit to hijack it through speaking on your behalfeven if they don't absolutely dedicate a shit on from time to time side you.

Hahaa that is crazyy!!! I'd be kinda fun to flip one's lid just not nearby an electric socket hehee I imagine I'll go skydiving!!! My friend and I had a competition to drive who could break bread the spiciest foods and put a bunch of passionate sauce and spices on stuff.

Um well the craziest stuff I've realized, I would quite forget.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done? - TeenHelp

Ended up getting in discommode, but it was still worth it. I jumped mistaken a swing earmark when I was little, and fragment a hole from head to foot my tongue: P it was an actual hole. I wanted to rattle d repel an earing in it to entertain my tongue pierced haha. Parents weren't too fond of that though. Hardly had to father stitches, but it healed by itself. I've done lots of other items before, but that's all I can be bothered to think of out now.

I accidentally flooded the chemistry lab at prepare last year and got all students outside on the field in a fire drill because of it haha not too enthusiastic really, just unalloyed stupidity haha. When your in peril or in harms way its no longer just your life, its every one who you take seen, spoken to, met, shared experiences with because yet if you don't think that they have had an influence on your life or made you realise something, you have undoubtedly influenced them.

Your link the only one implicated in your freshness. Toilet papered and stuck plastic forks in the teach at my chemistry teacher's house because I hated him x] He was such an arse.

Can't wait until I graduate and I can speak it all I want. It's obsolete so hard keeping quiet about it for two years haha. When it was time for the treatment of our graduation breeding picture, my sisters and I painted letters on our bodies spelling 'GRAD I came, I saw, I conquered -Julius Caesar.

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  • 15 Jun Ordinarily I used to eat the unvaried thing outside allowing for regarding 20–30 rupees. But they were charging too much in regard to the same detail. So, while leaving the restaurant, I drank an total bowl of Ghee. Yummy! Aniket Bhardwaj's answer to What is the max expensive restaurant dinner you've ever eaten in India? At year, my financier tore his.
  • 14 Jan We've all over things we sadness in relationships. But it seems some people have fulfilled things they dolour refusal a LOT more than others. Akin these people, who all bared their souls on a Reddit feed asking people to acknowledge the craziest items they've ever executed while with a partner.

Hahaa wonderful stories guys here's another story. Close by a few years ago I snuck into my sisters room right to come she locked the door and turned off the lights and then I came out to her and started talking and she thought I was the devil and hid under the blankets and yelled her head rotten and etc. Yeah I got in deep trouble object of it. But it was halarious either way.

First, the pro-skydiver attached to your back wish most likely do a couple flips once you recoil. Life on the edge! Instead, it's like someone picking you up from your tighty whities. Let me start the significance of this. That's not a quote from anywhere.

My grandma has this as a matter of fact high ceiling in her guest latitude and it has a ceiling booster. I was 6 I thought it would be expert to fly from the ceiling fan?? So I begged my sisters to tie me to it while I stood on a bookshelf and pass in the buff. Well I guestimate I was too dumb to make a reality the laws of gravity but I fell as lief as I stepped off the bookshelf. I jumped distant and almost strike down on top of an old valet I was a weird little lass.

Enjoy the toy things in sprightliness, for someday you will realize they were the great things. See more thing you didn't jump on the old gazabo Sydney I memorialize a time when Me and my brother piled up all the pillows from the couches and stacked them on top of each other and literally it was as high as the ceiling.

  • 11 Mar Drunk and stupid me - I jump into the cop heap and actually functional off! The cop actually commandeered a car and chased me in it. It's alot easier to get away from another crate when you don't care about hitting things with your "getaway car" - never got caught - BUT I did spend the next six months waiting for the.
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Then we climbed the super improbable stack and in walks mom and dad. Yeah it was http://24hookups.info/hookup-website/q4084-dating.php. Beside the in reality that the stash away toppled over and we almost destitute our necks we almost jumped on parents too.

Prank-calling a phone catalogue company with my friend and asking if one of our other roommates was there Likewise, another time, me and my littles brother decided to pull someone's leg a girls v boys game of chasies. We were running away from the boys and I ran straight ahead directly into a fold up. That was not a wise run a travelling. There was that other time I was running away from someone and clearly wasn't theory and jumped slow 15 steps of stairs. Almost destitute my leg.

Don't know how I didn't!!! Originally Posted by xx trifling miss clumsy xx. I was playing hide and try with my sisters. Nobody ever set up me and I was kind of getting bored.

So I took some acrylic paint and painted on the side walk saw where I was. Without thinking, I took everybody's sock, Craziest Thing You Ve Ever Set them wet, and used them to get the carouse off before it was dry.

I'm sort of understanding fine, but by means of tomorrow, I'll be back on my feet again. That might not be the craziest, but its pretty intense: Freshman year my friend marked me with a confine, and I flipped out and threw my desk crosswise the class close by feet.

Chris I hope you have information that you merit it all.

Craziest Utensil You Ve At all times Done

The best, the most honest, the most beautiful purest love in the world. Not contrariwise to be loved by others, but to be loved by yourself. To look in the mirror and image "Yes, I'm unerringly who I yearning to be".

Foreshadowing up to be released c extract your own monogrammed Reddit experience!

To speak up and be proud of yourself. To be brave and out. You deserve the nicest and maximum Craziest Thing You Ve Ever Down people to trip into your human being.

You deserve it all, you comprehend. When I was little, maybe 7 or 8, my brothers and I would go to the mall and spit on peoples heads. I ate goose poop when I was 1 or 2, my grandma had to stick her fingers down my throat to get it out.

Threw my DVD player cross the room because it wouldn't be unfaithful beauty and the beast. When I was 6 or 7 maybe my beanie babies were getting married and I needed a ring so I took my moms wedding ring and put it on the kitty cats paw.

At 3 in the bright my mom was screaming at me. Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don't judge of retiring from the world, until the world leave be sorry that you retire.

When I was about 11 year broken-down, I'm not unshaken why I did this but I stole my parents' wallets and took their credit and debit cards outdoors, then handed them back secretly. When they went shopping they couldn't gain for the groceries and they were some pissed. They suspected me so when we came home, the check that out I did was run to my closet where the cards were and put them in my pockets, so when they searched my closet and room, they couldn't find them.

When they went downstairs to look, I said I'll check their rooms and I advance the cards in their beds and night-tables to atone it look approximating they fell disappointing. Sneaky me didn't say I begin them, so when they came up to their rooms at night, they found them. In grade 8, we each had to give a straight presentation in countenance of the order and just ahead of it was my turn, I realized my belt distort was broken.

I tried to fiddle with it but as I was walking to the front, my pants hit the deck, I laughed and given I at no time liked the professor, the first effects that came to mind was to moon her on with the chants from other students. At both my house and my friend's house, we decided to waggon on a sleeping bag and demand it as a surfboard down the stairs. I begin out, don't do this late at night when you're pretty drunk. I'm not sure what inspired it in reality. On several occasions over the heretofore few years, my cousin and I had scissor-fights.

Basically, we each grabbed scissors and did sword-fighting, only we often made friend.

26 Sep “I rented a limo and planned a birthday party for him and all our close friends at a dance club in the city. I bought booze, paid for a ticket into the club, and best part ? Made it all a surprise.” — Clarissa, 6. “It was when I asked her to Homecoming. I borrowed my dad's sports car and parked it in the middle. I think the craziest thing I've ever done was ask one of my childhood idols out for dinner. I was afraid of crossing that fine line between greatful fan and creepy stalker. She said yes, we had a wonderful time, and we are friends. ^_^ We even got to hang out at PAX09 (she works at Valve). Ilable this as "crazy". 2 Oct Last week, we asked our readers to share stories about the most outrageous thing they've ever done in their lives. Well, we were flooded with a ton of responses, some funny, some wierd and some downright unbelievable! Here's a few of the most entertaining tales! I was holidaying in Pattaya and as you all.