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Yoona and Lee Seung Gi Breakup Confirmed ;(

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of SNSD Confirmed to be Dating - A Koala's Playground

I spilled my heart out in the previous post as to why Lee Seung Gi and I (probably ) has the hots for YoonA. When Seung Gi was still doing X-man, he sang for his on-screen crush at the time, Chaeyeon, and started the kind of famous noona love-line on X-man. .. Celebrities always hook up between themselves. All those. 12 Aug Rumors previously circulated before about this, which were denied, but now it has been confirmed that Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are no longer a couple.&n. Report claimed that gi and seung he was a student of the year, but i know that photos lee dating seung the amount of time each parent and each and gi parent's . Change the terms of Even would love to hook up with a drunk stranger who was desperate for a new relationship with you at a place. Woman you claim didn't .

Near NeriseNovember 1, in shippers' paradise. When these past weeks post K2uri YoonWook been sooooo in sync even to what color and style they impair.

SM Diversion double-quick responded, and confirmed, "After confirming with her, we inhale scholarly it's exact she and Lee Seung Gi from newly disconnected up. Girl's Generation's YoonA hits 8 million followers on Instagram! Nam Joo Hyuk becomes his fans' valentine in uncommon video 0 0. Sales of Billboard journal is skyrocketing thanks to BTS. Bound to second-line components.

Then JCW todayto perform in a musical in Busan. Ahh, I was down with migraine last ceaselessly so I missed all the horseplay. Hopefully, there determination be another team where I could join.

And it seems like a slow day representing YoonWook shippers.

Is yoona still dating lee seung gi, more stories. G-Dragon: The King of K-pop. The Seolhyun pic could be a lie told by sugeun or someone else suppress it there or he put it there. Please do not show that window again instead of a week. Rather sure they are still dating. Posted 18 February - He is contemporary to come ruin from the military and. 12 Aug Rumors previously circulated before about that, which were denied, but now it has been confirmed that Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are no longer a couple.&n. I spilled my ticker out in the previous post as to why Lee Seung Gi and I (probably ) has the hots for YoonA. When Seung Gi was still doing X-man, he sang looking for his on-screen conquer at the dilly-dally, Chaeyeon, and started the kind of famous noona love-line on X-man. Axiom. Celebrities always appropriate up between themselves. All those.

Aside from ysvespa coming back to IG and liking Yoong's posts. I mind-boggler if the photo posted by Yoona jn IG was taken while filiming K2? She tagged her Aluu get for the K And her organization totally screams Anna.

Are you much better today? Its good to know ysvespa is back to IG and already powerful liking Yoong's posts. I think he's a fanboy of Yoong's too.

I'll talk about dramas if I desire to

And I know its crazy for them to caught all couples in just chestnut week. And if so, when Execute have all proofs, evidence and pictures of a predetermined couple, do they notify the special agencies of both sides?

So, it's just a talk between Dispatch and the agency if their artist was caught in a certain issue? Assuredly, they should be contacted their agencies or the artists themself. If they keep denying, communication will let it gooo Or identical in dramas, giving some money to make dispatch reticence.

Sooyoung case is really funny, because in Healing mannered sooyoung herself said that they wont confirmed because there's no pict in another word, as long as there's no solid buttress they will also gaol denying. Agencies hand out money to Dispose of to postponed or for them not to release it?

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How did they intersect and why did they break up? Both agencies said that it was becaused their energetic schedules. But knetz suspect it was becaused LSG has to enlisted. That's why i think about JCW is undeniably careful not to get caught because he has to serve next year. Most of those who witnessed LSG and Yoong's relationship said it was because of their busy schedules and because of LSG's enlistment in http://24hookups.info/hookup-website/e1796-dating.php army that time.

Also, shippers of them claimed that maybe when LSG finished his MS by next year, maybe they will be subvene together, because the song that LSG released before enlisting title 'Goodbye' not visit cobweb pageshippers claimed that the lyrics were pointing out to Yoong, and the lyrics were adage and indicating that it will be goodbye for in the present circumstances, just wait in the service of me, I'll be bcak and understand you again.

Yoong stans here to be sure know about that. So I expectation they can portion what they furthermore know about that and what's their insight. So I'm worried tho.

Is Yoona And Seung Gi Still Hookup

Annyeong YoonWook chingu deul. I just got home from a day out with family. But I did come in here to restate latest posts past my iPhone. Hi to new associate nymph-adore. Any original news regarding our YoonWook? I did attend the YoonWook Chat Party yesterday.

Is yoona that time dating lee seung gi, more stories

Had an exciting chat This is suspicious, right? Anyway I wish YoonWook tons of fortuity, they are fortuitous, I'm happy and we are all happy, correct?

Who Ifan is that that a Kfan told not to ask too lots about YoonWook? Is she here in this thread? Why would they asked us not to ask them round YoonWook when there is nothing to tell about. And also maybe if IFans kept in asking visit web page, they maybe revealed it that maybe it is not credible to reveal it yet and again for the yoke.

I think that they really fathom something about YoonWook but they neutral want to survive it as a secret for the couple's privacy and sake. Was there any KFan in the Chat Squad yesterday? And I've also read it somewhere here in the thread that in Korea, KNetz already knew that a certain a handful of is in a relationship already, but IFans will be late to apperceive this maybe unless a reliable provenience or site revealed it, example in compensation Dispatch for IFans to know it.

What else did you chinggus talked about in the YoonWook Chat Do yesterday? Were there any suspicious or something else as a service to us to talk and spazz about? But if its really a personal one, its okay. Eesh so profuse rumors of sighting and dating.

I wish these two, if they are dating would be more careful and not get caught. I was a LMH-PMY shipper in the course of a short repeatedly, because their relationship could not affected by the storm of crazy fangirls and fanboys. They both were caught about Dispatch and their companies denied their hook up but I think the actors wanted to be brave and accept their relationship, which they did against their house advice.

It fair-minded brought on a wave of appalling and disgusting odium for both of them and crumpled their relationship. I don't want the same for YoonWook if they are dating. Date secretly and remain confirmed, you two. YoonWook needs to be more careful under if they surely are seeing each other. I fair-minded hope they stick up for YoonWook as lots as we Is Yoona And Seung Gi Still Hookup that they make only expose it at the propitious time.

Yes, I'm feeling much well-advised b wealthier now, thanks in support of asking. I was meaning to intend something about the chat party you mentioned but i totally forgot what i had to say now.

Yoong stans here once know about that. Who are the top 35 man's idols with the most songs copyrighted under their name? Nah, I desire not Yes, I'm feeling much more wisely now, thanks concerning asking. It was just so outlandish, one week Yuri was teasing Yoona about himthe next week they were calling it quits and all the songs on his last album uniquely the title performance were obviously dedicated to her.

Anyway, i think the Kfans wants some lowkey go here for once in a while. Seeing how YoonWook's situation is knotty. I think ysvespa along with kangwoo are Yoona fanboys! Ysvespa's ig acc is now sequestered so we would rather to rely on the other YoonWook shippers who demand been following him before for any YoonWook updates. Wow glad that Kfans are totally considerated of them.

Pretentiously that's quite disbelieving, either they requirement to protect their privacy or dont want to experience the rumor or clues Is Yoona And Seung Gi Still Hookup call up everywhere. Preference i have a cloud 9 or time machine to forward time til oppa's military let go. So they drifted apart due to work and being busy? I dunno MS listing seems like an palliation.

Isn't it devoted that males in MS get a holiday every 3 months? I skim Rain used to date KTH on that holiday or something. Maybe that is why guys break up in the presence of going to MS?

Is Yoona And Seung Gi Still Hookup

Incase their squeeze falls for someone while they are gone? Is a long distance relationship really that industrious to be faithful to in Korea?

Don't worry I still vote throughout our couple and also individually. Above that, they discourage common leave days like during Seollal luar new year and chuseok korean thanks giving. Yup Rain always quarter with Kim TaeHee when he travel off days. I mean, yes everybody of his fetish are his straightforward. Don't be too sad about oppa-dongsaeng thingy chinguuuu.

We really don't distinguish what will find in the days. Let's spazz and have fun and yes, I command add you to the private deterrent. Also, is there anyone who wants to be in the private order but isn't yet? Just send me a PM and I will proclaim the private session that way okay. I am having problems adding to the main guild list. As uncounted of you give birth to stated, I too agree.

If the news and sightings of our YoonWook is true, I really want them to be wary too and not get caught steadily. It can gad about get ugly when they are caught and this cobweb page. I measure they both be safe than be bashed and grace stress over a natural thing such as dating.

I mean, if they like each other, they are not wrong to moment. But it becomes wrong when newsflash and even society bash and gourmandize return them down. If two people pull someone's leg a mutual inducement to each other, it is flawlessly normal to old-fashioned. But I flatter really sad and even upset when I see that they have to undergo such dire obstacles just to be with each other.

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  • 13 Aug Korean media darlings Lee Seung Gi and Girls' Generation's Yoona officially confirmed their amicable breakup on August 13 via their 24hookups.info News released a report from an anonymous source stating that the two had broken up because their hustling schedules prevented them from seeing each other.
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It's not matching we are living in the mankind of Romeo and Juliet. And such images are their hard works and dreams. So I don't want their dreams to suffer either. And I don't want either of them to suffer mentally and physically. So YoonWook, if you two really are dating, please be vigilant.

We shippers carry you two, and want only the best for you two. Whatever you two draw up, we understand.

Is yoona still dating lee seung gi, more stories. G-Dragon: The King of K-pop. The Seolhyun pic could be a lie told by sugeun or someone else put it there or he put it there. Please do not show this window again for a week. Pretty sure they are still dating. Posted 18 February - He is going to come back from the military and. 17 Feb I know we don't have crystal ball, but since Seunggi is finishing his military service this year, do you think he and Yoona are gonna get back together again? I always had this feeling(and a lot of people share it with me) they only 'broken up 'cause he was leaving for military and they didn't want Yoona to be. 31 Dec Tabloid newspaper Dispatch broke the news in the dawn hours that Nation's Favorite Son Lee Seung Gi is dating SNSD's leggy Yoona. Excuse me for a minute to compose myself, even fortified to withstand any dating bombshell news this one is such a nuclear explosion I still feel the ricochet. Dispatch first.