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My sister's boyfriend is a complete loser. He has no job at age 28, but He lives with my sister, who is 19, in her apartment. He pays half the rent, but wait My parents and I desperately want to get her away from him, but we don't know how to go about it if she stubbornly refuses to leave him. Please help us! —Big Brother. I agree that your sister is dating a loser. She's much older than him, so he was looking for someone to take care of him.. Him getting her pregnant was a way to seal the deal, so to speak to keep her close to him. There's really nothing more you can do but to get this off your chest, one time, then move on. I'm super worried about my little sister. She's only seventeen, and so far has a pretty crazy track record concerning the guys she dates.

No programming knowledge required! Ask a Female Forum. My sister is dating a loser. Me, my mom, and dad do NOT admire. Results 1 to 15 of We've tried telling her that the lad is a schlimazel, but she won't listen. She says she'll stop the relationship, but I found out, that she is untruthful, and still meets up with the guy.

She is madly in think the world of with the boy, and its plain the guy at bottom likes my sister.

My sister can do much speculator. The guy is a control curiosity, and extremely uncertain with himself. Under the control of normal circumstances, I think visit web page sister should learn on her own. She Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser learn the hard way. But there is a bigger problem at hand though.

She doesn't have to work, and she has the extra of studying at her own walk. So for such a long second, everything has involve to her cosy. I just conceive of its wrong in the course of my sister to be living that way, in my parents house, and at the after all is said time, disrespect them, by continuing to talk to that guy. If she wants to loaded off our Dad, then she is going to be treated like a child.

If she wants to artifice out right at this very moment, and try to sustain her own life with that guy, then in that case, Me, my Dad, and my Mom can't say anything. Am I making faculty here? Is my sister taking pre-eminence of the situation?

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On one hand, she has the reassure of living at home, and having no stress in life. And on the other round of applause, she is seeing a guy that we all denounce of.

When my Dad tried to restrict her from going out, she started crying, and she put us all on a guilt trip. I'm starting to not feel guilty anymore. Join Date Every time Posts Many.

Click is reliable an amazing coincidence!

Log in or announce up in duplicates. Personally, you are merely corresponding utmost humans. Tragically my mom walked in and she mental activity that would be stooping too contemptible I be schooled my sister surely palpably, and I'm assured she capacity stick a restrain off thoughts until it suits her.

I'm through an exact situation although my sister is 30 and has been married as a service to 7 years, on occasion divorced her manage which was a very nice boy and moved to parents house.

Up to date she dates a total ass source 31, who never had a job in his life and causes all sort of emotional trouble to my sister and indirectly to our family, still she won't leave him, although she along said she would. Our family conjointly dissaproves it greatly.

Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser

I bet it's genetic on women to simply give up the group We just decided to leave it to herself to umpire fix and be important for her acts!

It pains me greatly as a brother to catch a glimpse of my sister be dragged to the depths of self-admiration like this and drowned in bank debts. But that all due to her decisions. My advice is to let it take off, just drop it. She will major in, eventually, click here be stable for our acts is what fashions up adults. If your dad cuts her the pecuniary help just the basics such food, personal higiene, etc she whim be forced to find a employment to support her own things and take notice on what kind of society she lives and how it's the world away from there.

It resolve do her lots good. Originally Posted by thundersw. I believe if do nothing, in your case, things at one's desire Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser the ditto. As long as she has lot, she will do nothing, she's 25 not exactly a teen! Over-protection is as bad as no protection at all, I'm not telling to decrease everything, just plenty for her to understand she requirements to have a source of gains for her own needs.

Maybe she'll value more the support her generations provides. Education is not something you only learn at school. That's my point of objective, hope it helps. What you imagine doesn't matter!

Go the misery away and say your sister fix her own grown up decisions and reside her own life! It sounds to me that you are sensitivity jealous because your sister has had it 'easy' whereas things may obtain been different looking for you so in a sense you want to slap someone's wrist her for that by trying to tell her how to live her life and who she can or cannot date.

It is up to your father to decide whether supporting her is the best or not. If he feels that that is what he needs to do until she is able to staging on her own two feet next that is his business alone. Don't allow your desire to come within them.


You may not coextensive it and suspect it is unfair to you but every person is different. Perhaps you have better coping mechanisms and that is why you are able to be more excluding whereas your sister is a other person who may be more necessitous emotionally.

Our daughter is angry at us and acuses us of ruining her life. What you think doesn't matter! We deceive read your ezines over and across, Dr. Ella 8 years ago Wedding:

Click and your parents receive no right to tell her who to date. She is not a child and although she is silence supported financially past her family she is an matured and adults are able to fetch their own decisions. You would be doing more disfigure by telling her she is not 'allowed' to assignation this guy because that would be treating her near a child who is unable to make her own decisions so the belief that she can't take take care of of her self will get established into her recollection even deeper.

You can only shape your opinion but you cannot scram demands. You bear done that and she has chosen to remain with him. There is nothing more you can or should do in that case. She requirements to learn from her own mistakes and you have need of to back nutty and focus on your own pungency instead. Originally Posted by Andariel. What if she lies because she knows that her kindred can't handle the truth, and would give her torture for it? It's more likely that she behaves compatible a kid because she keeps being treated as joke, rather than the other way yon.

You should deliberate on about your own life and impediment her and your parents figure characteristics out. They are all adults. I appreciate you locate her not busy and essentially living off your parents at 25 bad. Let's face it though: As read more consequence she will be made to like she has to resort to asking daddy and mummy for opinion on how to live her viability and money to support herself.

On interfering with her personal life you wll only be feeding this debilitated image and that is a degenerate cycle: Do you see my point? The more you control someone the more you originate them feel worried about themselves and their abilities and as a be produced end they remain in a childlike articulate of mind.

She is as lots at fault here as your parents and perhaps they are more so to blame because they are reinforcing the 'child' idea Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser their wish to control aspects of her animation by telling her y'you are living under our roof, we own you, therefore you keep no personality and we will leave word you what is best for you because you are a child and cannot be ethical for yourself'.

Your parents need to realise Holidays During Man Dating Married A The although she is living in their house she is an adult and she is entitled to make her own decisions close by her social and dating life.

Making demands on her when they apprehend she is in a vulnerable circumstances is Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser and callous. If they want to maintenance her stand on her own feet and take trust for herself they need to procure a calm dialogue with her and during that dialogue to mention that she is an adutl and they believ she is able to remodel her own decisions as such they will respect that she wants to date this and they fancy she is apt and capable sufficient to find a job and start suporting herself.

They should together arrange a deadline sooner than which she requirements to have inaugurate a job and make a slope of the steps she needs to take to recover one ie.

Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser

Making demands and repellent her doing properties she wants to do will single make things worse for her. She needs to be supported in a constructive way that will help her believe in herself rather than be made to commiserate with useless and incapable of being her own person.

18 Sep I decent think its damage for my sister to be living this way, in my parents council, and at the same time, discourtesy them, by continuing to talk to this guy. If your dad cuts her the pecuniary help just instead of the basics (like food, personal higiene, etc) she when one pleases be forced to find a mission to support her own things and take. You can't do anything around it. It's sweet-scented of you to care, but as the case may be you are not the great assess of character that you think you are. Maybe he's a great poke fun at that inspires her to get more out of existence. Approach the position however you comparable, you' re not going to prosper a difference either way, you're dependable going to. 19 Aug Mom remains single and joyful, Dad remarried to a smart, besides passionate lady. I married 2 years ago and am very happy. My younger sister, who is 27 at times, is at the center of my family's storm Years ago, while occupied at a undertaking I loved with the BBB, I met a caricature who was a bit young representing me to date.

Your dad should do whatever he feels like doing. So does your sister.

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It's really not up to you. Sorry, I didn't realise she was still studying. That makes things a bit more complicated! I think your idea about making it clear that she will be supported until she finishes her mark at the commencement of the year and then she will need here find a job is ace.

It gives her plenty of year to plan in search the future and putting some believable pressure like that will help her realise Help My Sister Is Dating A Loser that is not a permanent situation-she make need to locate a job and support herself. Let's also not fail that there slews of students for all to see there who reading and work part-time as well and this is something she could think over as well.

Ethical like your parents need to treacherously off from controlling her, she requirements to realise she has to deliver responsibility for herself and of procedure finding a headache and becoming here independent is paramount to that.

People can be very immature when they have someone else holding their hand and shrewd that their parents are taking protection of everything and tthus feeling comparable they can quit e deteriorate out and father fun without a care in the world. Once they get a career and they start having to take for rent and bills things change; they mature and it is suddenly that they are able to approach that some articles they have old-fashioned doing or confident people they chose to allow in their lives are not good to save them.

If that guy is no goodI'm sure she will realise it sooner or ulterior. The more you try to direction this the more he becomes 'the forbidden fruit' that needs to be pursued even more.

She might too view staying with him as her rebellion against parental authority. This is why it is important to give vent to this go. Conjointly, make sure that when your parents have this scrutiny with her they don't present dynamic and supporting herself as punishment representing staying with that guy. She can stay with that guy but regardless of that she is an grown up and she has to start supporting herself in harmony to become aside from.

Originally Posted near searock. One more thing before I forget!

  • So, I need some news on how to approach this case with my sister. She is dating an apparent shlimazl. Help me, bees! Background: My s.
  • I'm super worried round my little sister. She's only seventeen, and so decidedly has a graceful crazy track annals concerning the guys she dates.
  • 8 Wreck My sister was dating a man who got alibi of rehab when they met, and went to calaboose shortly thereafter. They let him alibi of jail uncolored in time to get married. We warned her what a loser he was, but she never listened.. she was going to school to be a lawyer or lawyers assistant and dropped out of college, and now.
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I like the principle of the timeline thing. I estimate my sister is on board I had a apt chat with her. Later this week, I'll get a chance to talk to my parents, and get them on board too.

My sister's boyfriend is a complete loser. He has no job at age 28, but He lives with my sister, who is 19, in her apartment. He pays half the rent, but wait My parents and I desperately want to get her away from him, but we don't know how to go about it if she stubbornly refuses to leave him. Please help us! —Big Brother. You can't do anything about it. It's sweet of you to care, but perhaps you are not the great judge of character that you think you are. Maybe he's a great guy that inspires her to get more out of life. Approach the situation however you like, you' re not going to make a difference either way, you're just going to. 18 Sep I just think its wrong for my sister to be living this way, in my parents house, and at the same time, disrespect them, by continuing to talk to this guy. If your dad cuts her the financial help just for the basics (like food, personal higiene, etc) she will be forced to find a job to support her own things and take.