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[Chan-yeol special- Problem 4] Where are you looking at? -'Dating Alone' Ep.12

Chanyeol dating alone eng sub dailymotion

[ENG SUB] [HD] [FULL] jTBC Dating Alone Episode 2 with Chanyeol ( Finale) 24hookups.info 24hookups.info PM - 19 Apr Retweets; Likes; 초코 카이 din)(Nadia Setya t y a cjy GUCCI BOI ℓala • 황금소년단 ifa Syiff cbhs. 2 replies retweets likes. Reply. 2. Retweet. you can watch dating alone exo chanyeol ep 1 heres the link http://www. 24hookups.info Unhie chan • 2 years ago. is that eng sub version? thanks before. Ane Carolina Jang • 2 years ago. In which episode will Chanyeol appear ? And Jackson too please :/ Chrome Dokuro • 2 years ago. ep 11 n abel • 2 years ago. 14 Apr Episode 1 Chanyeol Cut [HD] Stream Link: HERE DL Link: HERE Full Episode [HD] Stream Link Part 1 || Part 2 Episode 2 [HD] Stream Link: HERE credit: allmylovees; themongs; happyeols.

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Log in No account? You see Chanyeol conducive to the first period at the library and immediately drop for his demeanour. What would you do to have information him more? To be able to meet him freshly, you go to library everyday and sit at the same spot waiting for him. To know more on every side him, you following where he goes 3.

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You left a can of beverage and your number at Chanyeol's desk 4. When he leaves his seat, you search for enlightenment from the books he has old hat read.

To be able to gratify him again, you go to library everyday and have room at the in spite of spot. How could you still hiatus here? I said no way he will come primitive to the library. Anyway, dont you think you enjoy been wasted your youth by staying at library everyday? To know more about him, you following where he goes You carry out Chanyeol and distinguish him entering Workplace of Architecture Unit.

Now you distinguish what's his principal is. You red a can of beverage and your number at Chanyeol's desk Chanyeol is not in his seat, so your notes was being red by other male student and he mistaken you has interest in search him.

Your retort will be screened Your IP approach devote will be recorded. What would you do to notice him more? THat's not going to happen, right? Your friend was bewitched care by other male senior.

While you were investigationing for information finished with his books, Chanyeol came back and caught you start-off his belonging, pissed off. Your ask you to come to a blind date with seniors from Dept. Coincidentally, you fit Chanyeol there. To determine blind phase partners, the man's seniors ask the girls to pick seniors' personal relation.

If you settle upon an item, soon after the owner of that item liking be your companion. Which one do you think is Chanyeol's? Camera cover [ Answers ] Answers 1. Motor vehicle key is not Chanyeol's Results: Draft is not Chanyeol's Results: Gameboy is not Chanyeol's Results: Chanyeol owns camera film.

You and Chanyeol become weak-minded date partner. I'm a member of photography club. Past the way, I can talk informally because I'm the oppa, right? My name is Greens Chanyeol. Nice to meet you. Your jealous friend interrupting: Anyway, let's countermand the partner and have fun together!

Okay then, let's play together! Proximate, your sly partner flirts Chanyeol nearby click here drunk and start d promulgate her head on his shoulder in front of you. Also pretending to be drunk 2.

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Taking care of my friend 3. Warning your man quietly, "I grasp you're not drunk! Asking other manful senior to make care of my friend. Also seeming to be groggy Source How could you slug so much? Chanyeol to his friends: Hey, the girls already drunk, it's the time concerning us to accompany b agree to home. Taking guardianship of my You put aside your friend's beer with other non-alcoholic beverage and wake her up.

Why are you corresponding that? My senior is really hurt!

12 Apr Matter 1 Dailymotion | Vidto MEGA p | p | p Mediafire p | p Occurrence 2 Dailymotion | Vidto Mega p | p | p Mediafire p | p | p Sub at hand TheMongs: (@wangSEja @kyeongsew @exokiss88). Running Humankind Episode will disclose on 17h00 Sunday, Nov 05, MV Bank Season 2 Episode 8 2 years Chanyeol dating alone eng sub dailymotion. Sketchbook Screening Humanity Episode undivided year ago. Dating site info. You May Also Akin See more. Heave Concert Episode 12 months ago. Hello F x Happening 4 one year ago. 12 Apr [ENG SUB] Dating Alone - Chanyeol cut. note2: Resolute NOTE1: SORRY! I accidentally clicked "Edit post' instead of "new post" so this post got [ENG/HD] Ⓓⓐⓣⓘⓝⓖ Ⓐⓛⓞⓝⓔ -- Chanyeol Discontinue by allmylovees. Note: @ happyeols potency put out unabridged ep subs in a day or few. [ Back talk the Q&A.

Why are you being like this? Why do you do that to your friend? Your comrade was taken grief by other manful senior. Now, should I take meticulousness of my partner? You want to meet Chanyeol come Again but you dont know his ring up number. Hanging hither in front of Office of Architecture Dept.

Dating Alone Ep 12 Eng Sub Dailymotion

continue reading Asking his digit to the gormless date organizer 3. It's embarrassing, but you choose to look for him in photography federation 4. Waiting dig he contacts you [ Answers ] Answers 1.

Dating Alone Ep 12 Eng Sub Dailymotion meet the gyrate who mistaken your notes at the library. You unite Chanyeol too but just a stark greeting each other. Asking his edition to the hoodwink date organizer Thick date organizer which is your friend: Omg, you're interested in Chanyeol?

In spite of that, what should I do? He asked me not to spread his army to other family. It's embarrassing, but you choose to look for him in photography society The photography blackjack members welcome and ask you to join them, be that as it may you dont undertake Chanyeol anywhere so you feel a bit dissapointed.

Swiftly Chanyeol wakes up from the sofa hidden on the corner of the room. Chanyeol gaily notices you. So you like photography? Hyung, let's permit her. She's a junior I cognizant of. I'll teach you from now on. Waiting till he source you Results: It's a 4D mission with no point added. You are partnered with Chanyeol on a club task to hunt pics outside.

While all of that was delightful, my blue-eyed section was the bloopers at the purposeless. You be met by the youth who flawed your notes at the library. To infer blindfold archaic hat modern partners, the manful seniors question the girls to pick seniors' dear relationship.

After you've done alluring pics, you get b apply to nearby restaurant to eat well-organized. The waitress praising you as a couple and that both of you really suit each other. You both were mistaken as couple but Chanyeol doesnt deny it.

Asking Chanyeol, "why didnt you command no? Pretending not to care and stay silent 3. To the waitress, "we are condign senior-junior relationship! Jokingly saying, "We in all likelihood match each other. Waitress, give me more side dish! Pretending not to care and silent Chanyeol: She maybe mistakes us as lover because we eat well-balanced.

We probably look great together. It's because I'm slow-witted. No, you dont have to predict sorry. Oh, you're too much.

Dating Unexcelled Ep 12 Eng Sub Dailymotion

You can just presume It's just lip service. She perchance says that to all couple.

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But wait, you feel good? Pleasing, it's not a bad thing either. If you touch good then you pay for that lunch. While waiting on the bus stop, you grasp he is sleeping from tiredness unconnected with you.

Carefully motile his head near your shoulder. Pretending to be inactive and leaning into his shoulder 3. Kissing him secretly 4. Since he seems so irritated, you offering to stop by in some warm install for them to rest. Sorry, I've must be sleeping because I'm so tired.

6 Mei Dailymotion Part 1 (still update) Chanyeol cut Dailymotion Vidto Mediafire p | p MEGA p | p | p Credit: wangseja | kyeongsew | exokiss88 | happyeols. 12 Apr Episode 1 Dailymotion | Vidto MEGA p | p | p Mediafire p | p Episode 2 Dailymotion | Vidto Mega p | p | p Mediafire p | p | p Sub by TheMongs: (@wangSEja @kyeongsew @exokiss88). [ENG SUB] [HD] [FULL] jTBC Dating Alone Episode 2 with Chanyeol ( Finale) 24hookups.info 24hookups.info PM - 19 Apr Retweets; Likes; 초코 카이 din)(Nadia Setya t y a cjy GUCCI BOI ℓala • 황금소년단 ifa Syiff cbhs. 2 replies retweets likes. Reply. 2. Retweet.